Residential Life

The distinguishing feature of this University is its predominant residential character. This enables students not only to study but also to live together, to participate in extracurricular activities and become part of a cooperative community of work and service. Since most of the teachers also live in the University area, close personal touch between the senior and junior members of the University is maintained. Students are normally required to live in any one of the Halls of Residence. Only a limited number of students are allowed to live as non-resident students with their parents or bonafide guardians. A Hall of Residence is a cluster of hostels administered by a Provost, and one or more teacher wardens look after each hostel. There are sixteen Halls of Residence.

All inmates are required to dine in the common Dining Hall, unless exempted by the Provost. A student may be permitted by the Provost tojoin any recognized private mess in the Hall. The halls ofresidence are the centers of corporate life in the University. Each Hall maintains a common room wiih facilities for indoor games, a reading room, library, sports club and a literary society. Self-govemance ofstudents isen couraged. The Provost and Wardens seek the cooperation and assistance of monitors and other representatives of students in the administration of the Hall of residence and in maintaining discipline.

Permission to live outside the Hall is given to students only ifthey are living ataligarh with theirparents orvery close relations. Non-resident male students are underthe charge of the Provost, Non-Resident Student's Centre (NRSC) and non-resident women students are under the charge of the Provost, Abdullah Hall/Sarojini Naidu Hall/Indira Gandhi Hall. There are two clubs for non-resident students - one in the Civil Lines area and the other in the town where facilities for indoor and outdoor games, reading rooms etc. are avaiiable.















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