Practical Exercises in Image Processing & Interpretation

These exercises consist of laboratory work and tutorials that provide an opportunity for students to become familiar with techniques of image processing and interpretation. The image processing exercises will be undertaken using the MultiSpec processing software, one of the most advanced and widely used. The laboratory work will focus on four categories of techniques -- image display, restoration, enhancement and information extraction. Tutorials will also be used for exercises on interpretation of images draped over digital elevation models, and measurements of various features.

Exercise 1:  Display and inspection of multispectral data in individual bands and various FCCs.  Calculating image statistics.  Combining separate image bands into a single multispectral image file.  Subsetting image data.  Querying spectral reflectances and geographic coordinates of locations (pixels) in georeferenced images.

Exercise 2:  Image enhancement for increased interpretability of landcover features Linear contrast stretch, Image sharpening of color composites with panchromatic data.

Exercise 3:  Classifying imagery using both unsupervised and supervised methods.  Field data collection and ground verification using GPS navigation. Integrating field work/ground truth with results of classification.

Exercise 4:  Viewing aerial photographs and satellite imagery in 3D.  Mapping of structural geological and geomorphological features using aerial photographs and satellite imagery.  Morphometric analysis using aerial photographs based on watershed and water divide.

Notes & Handouts

The Himalayas

Kumaon Himalayas

Askot Basemetals



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