Outline of expected Field Report

We expect your report to have information under the following sub-headings:

1.      Objectives of this excursion

2.      Background Information - Regional Geology

3.      Location and Accessibility of study area

4.      Physiography, Drainage and Climate

5.      Geology and structure of the study area

6.      Field observations.

            Day - 1

            Day - 2

            Day - 3

            Day - 4

            Day - 5

7.      Description of different aspects of various rock types viz., quartzites, schistose rocks, ferruginous and schistose quartzites, quartz veins, economic minerals and industrial rocks.

8.      Acknowledgments

9.      References


Notes & Handouts

The Himalayas

Kumaon Himalayas

Askot Basemetals



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