Aligarh Muslim University



Instructions to students proceeding on field training camp organized by the Department of Geology, A.M.U. Aligarh.

1.     It is of utmost importance of that the students going out on field excursions should conduct themselves with decorum and discipline befitting the reputation of the university, and nothing must be done which may bring a bad name to the institution.

2.     All students and staff, to whatever category they belong, will be under the of tour in-charge appointed by the Chairman of the Department. They will strictly follow the instructions of the tour in-charge and any act of indiscipline while travelling or in the camp or in the field will be sternly dealt with, and the student concerned may be asked to leave the field at his responsibility.

3.     In view of dangers inherent in geological field work, students should be extra careful in strictly following the instructions of the tour in-charge and party in-charge (appointed by the tour in-charge) while doing field work.

4.     No student is permitted to take bath in streams, tank or go for picnics or visit cinema houses or other public places or leave the camp without the written permission of the tour in-charge.

5.     Each student will carry with him field equipment as directed by the tour in-charge.

6.     No student is permitted to leave the field party during the period of training unless he is permitted by the Chairmen of the department/tour in-charge. Students wishing to proceed to destination other than Aligarh after the completion of tour must produce a letter from their parents/guardians, countersigned by the Chairmen of the Department, permitting them to do so. Facilities of railway concession will be available only to those students who return to Aligarh directly after the completion of the tour.

7.     All students will travel by the same train and, as far as possible stay together. Under no circumstances should they board or get down from moving train/buses, they will be wholly responsible for their own safety as well as for the safety of their luggage.

8.     Students should satisfy themselves that they are in perfect physical and mental health before proceeding on the field trip. Students suffering from diseases of the heart, blood pressure, kidney ailments, hernia, appendicitis, colic pains, etc. should inform the Chairman   of the Department of the fact and should proceed on tour only after a thorough medical check-up and after obtaining a clearance certificate from the C.M.O./civil surgeon. Facilities for medical check-up will be provided to students on request provided it is made at least seven days before the commencement of the tour.

9.     Before leaving Aligarh, all students must furnish their permanent addresses so that their parents/guardians may be informed in case of emergency.

10.                        All students must carry with them their university identity cards endorsed up-to-date/passport in the case of foreign students.

11.                        It is stressed again that no act of indiscipline shall be tolerated and stern action shall be taken both in the field and at Aligarh.

12.                        Every student shall have to submit his field diary and maps regularly in the field, and at the time of the examination.