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The Askot Crystallines


The Kumaon Himalaya, lying between the Kali River in the east and Sutlej in the west, include a 320 km stretch of mountainous terrain.  Much pioneer work was done at the turn of the century followed by more modern investigations between 1930 and 1940.

The almost complete absence of fossils in the Lesser Himalaya leaves many structural and stratigraphic problems unsolved, since the correlation is based on stratigraphy alone.  This casts some doubts on certain stratigraphic interpretations.  The Lesser Kumaon Himalaya include a thrust-bound sector delineated by two tectonic planes - the Main Boundary Fault to the south and the Main Central Thrust to the north.  Many workers have postulated existence of the regional inversion of sedimentary pile.  There are two elongate tectonic belts of sedimentary/metasedimentary rocks separated by an ESE-WNW trending Almora-Dudhatoli Crystalline zone.  T he Outer Sedimentary Belt to the south of the crystalline mass is the Krol Belt while the Inner Sedimentary Belt to the north constitutes the Deoban-Tejam zone (Gansser, 1964), or the Jaunsar-Berinag nappe (Valdiya, 1978).

Geological Map of the Kumaon Lesser Himalayas (After Valdiya, 1978).

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A generalised tectonic sequence for the Lesser Kumaon Himalaya is tabulated below:

vaikrita Group
-------------Vaikrita Thrust-----------
Munsiari Formation
--------------Main Central Thrust------------
Almora Dudhatoli Nappe
Askote, Baijnath, Chiplakot and
Satpuli Klippen
----------- Almora Thrust ---------
 Outer Sedimentary Belt
Inner Sedimentary Belt
-------------Main Boundary Fault------------
Siwalik Group





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