Structural Boundaries


Tectonic Units


Krol-Berinag Nappe
Ramgarh Nape
Almora Nappe

Autochthonous Zone

Main Boundary Fault

Other Faults


The Askot Crystallines

The Main Central Thrust (MCT)

The Main Central Thrust, marking the boundary between the Lesser and Higher Himalayas, is a zone of more or less parallel thrust planes along which the rocks of the Central Crystallines have moved southwards against, and over the younger sedimentary and metasedimentary (Paleozoic ?) rocks.  It is a major tectonic feature, well defined, and easily recognisable in general.  In some places, however, the thrust is not clearly discernible because of a lack of metamorphic or tectonic discontinuity and presence of rocks of similar lithology on either side.

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The Himalayas

Kumaon Himalayas

Askot Basemetals



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