I am engaged in teaching a number of courses at the graduate and post-graduate levels.  Most of my lecture notes and tutorials are available on this website.  The notes are meant to be supplemental reading material for students taking my courses, and as such I have tried to organize this section in the following categories:

Ore Deposits and the Tectonic Cycle

Evolution of Continents

Metallogeny through Time

Global Metallogeny in Relation to Crustal Evolution

Metallogeny in Modern Basins

Major Ore Types of India and their Tectonic Settings

Global Metallogeny in Relation to Plate Tectonics

Factors governing the disposition of Metallogenic Provinces

Mineralization along Convergent and Collisional Plate Boundary Environments

Mineralization along Divergent Plate Boundary Environments and Transform Faults

Mineralization along Early and Late-Stage Continental Rifting

Applications of Textural Characterists to Ore Dressing

Ore Microscopic Techniques

Sample Preparation for Ore Microscopy

Tutorials & Lecture Notes


B.Sc. (Hons) Geology

M.Sc. (Applied Geology)

M.Sc. (RS & GIS Applications)

M.Sc. (Wildlife Sciences)

Importance of Geological Fieldwork


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Notes & Handouts

The Himalayas

Kumaon Himalayas

Askot Basemetals



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