Wind Energy Facts

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  • India ranks fourth amongst the wind-energy-producing countries of the world after Germany, Spain and USA.
  • India's position was 3rd in the World till September 96, thereafter it became 4th upto December 98, 5th upto December 04 and now it is 4th again.
  • Estimated potential is around 45000 MW at 50 m above ground level.
  • Exhaustive wind resource assessment has been carried out in more than 540 stations spread over 20 States in the country. As on date 218 Wind Monitoring stations have indicated wind power density more than 200 W/m2 at 50 m above ground level.
  • Micro Survey of Wind Resource for 97 Wind Monitoring Stations have been completed to know the zone of influence and Wind Power Potential around the stations to meet the requirement of wind energy developers in the country.
  • Windfarms have been installed in more than 9 States.
  • More than 95% of installed capacity belongs to Private Sector in seven states
  • A good number of wind turbine manufacturers are active in India and producing Wind Electric Generators (WEGs) of rating 225 kW to 2000 kW.
  • A large number of agencies have come up to supply components/spares/ accessories and to provide services like Erection, O&M, Civil & Electrical Construction, Consultancy etc.
  • A large number of water pumping windmills and small aero-generators have been installed in the country.
  • Wind-Solar and Wind-Diesel Hybrid systems have also been installed at a few places.
  • The Central Ministry and several State Nodal Agencies encourage growth of Wind Energy Sector through financial incentives and policy support.
  • The Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Govt. of India has established a Centre for Wind Energy Technology at Chennai with field test station at Kayathar to act as technical focal point for wind power development in the country.
  • A National Renewable Energy Policy, now under consideration, envisages 10% of total installed capacity through Renewables. By 2012 AD, projected wind power installation is likely to be around 5000 MW.
  • Financial assistance for Renewable source of energy is available through Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency, a supporting arm of MNES, GOI.

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