Community Participation in Mineral Exploration:

The 21st Century offers technology, which brings unparalleled opportunity to turn a flood of raw data into comprehensible information about our society and our planet.  Not only this, it also offers opportunities to elicit participation of local communities in sophisticated scientific pursuits and enterprises.  Put to good use, this approach holds promise of broad societal and commercial benefits in areas such as resource assessment, environmental monitoring, agriculture, land-use planning, education, decision-making and crisis management…in other words - it holds the key to a sustainable future.

With help, support and participation of the local communities, the 21st century mapmakers, like all great explorers, shall lead the way through unknown terrain -- not mountains or deserts - or even a distant planet - but a landscape different from any we have ever known.  This new frontier is composed of basic data - waiting to be captured, organized, transformed to information, and used to better the human condition.  The 21st Century mapmaker shall therefore map information rather than map terrain, to uncover “hidden geographies” of their neighborhood and reshape the future of thousands of living Indians – and for countless more who will walk this planet in the coming centuries and millennia.

Our team of scientific investigators invites you to join as a partner in these efforts and help us collect and transform a flood of data from regional, state and local sources into information that will make a difference to you and to us.  By joining this collective effort, you will help integrate bits of information to seek the whole.  The team will use the digital technology to re-map your neighborhood. The success of the army of digital change agents the world over suggest that if we work in partnership it truly is possible to re-map our nation for the information age.

Support the collective effort to Explore Uttarakhand

Who can Join:  Don't worry if you know nothing about rocks, minerals, geology or metals.  If you are a student in a school or college, a teacher, a government or private sector employee, a businesman or wharever, with an adventurous temperament and a good deal of enthusiasm, then you are the right person.  Just follow the links below!

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